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A Girl and Her Galette

To avoid true holiday chaos, learn to choose your Thanksgiving recipes wisely, especially when you’re trying them for the very first time on the big day.

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Cooking the Thanksgiving Turkey in the Parking Lot

In this Q&A, food stylist Emilie Fosnocht shares hot tips and tricks of her trade, and an insider's lowdown about a career that many people may not even know exists.

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Image by Jed Owen

A New York City Dinner Party

A photo essay about the makings of an intimate apartment dinner party in the city where space (and dining rooms) are hard to come by.

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The Power of a Sad Dumpling

On a journey to recreate and veganize my late Grandmother's fluffy chicken and dumplings, entrenched both in gravy and my heart, brought about a wave of comfort and love at a time I needed it most.

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Image by Julia Kicova
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