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A New York City Dinner Party

A photo essay about the makings of an intimate apartment dinner party in the city where space (and dining rooms) are hard to come by.

The Union Square Greenmarket in New York City has become internationally famous since its humble opening in 1976. Since its days of only a few farmers selling produce, meat, fish, and dairy products, it’s expanded to now house more than 140 regional farmers and sells year-round to those inhabiting the concrete jungle.


Historically, New York is known for its cupboard-sized apartments and peculiar room arrangements (yes, there are bathtubs installed into kitchens), forcing city dwellers to think outside the box when they want to have guests over. Sometimes, group meals are shared sitting on the floor, in camping chairs, or, weather permitting, at a picnic in the park.

And sometimes, home offices are reconfigured into a dining room. We make it work.

The seasons seem to change ever so quickly in the Northeast, and fall never quite lasts as long as we want before the harshness of winter sets in. Thus, when the fall produce is in season, we pounce.

Pumpkin sage focaccia and seasonal crudité.

I myself, am not a “true New Yorker,” having only lived here for just over a year. Like many transplants, it’s important to have little reminders of home. My paternal Grandma’s vintage apron and maternal Granny’s wooden hat box repurposed here as a cheese board, give me those tastes of home while I cook in the city that never sleeps. 

And yet still, above all of New York’s quirks, this city loves to eat, and eat together. No matter which room they sit in.

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